This lesson covers the basics and general workflow of Template Builder

Open these 3 tabs in your web browser

(1) Open: Theme Options -> Template Builder
(2) Open: Pages -> Add New Page. Create a new Page and save it, then open it in Step (3)
(3) Open the Page you have just created

Add New Template

(1) Click the "Add New" button

Enter a name for your new Template

(1) Enter a name for your new Template
(2) Save it

Template Selection

(1) Your new Template has now been added to the Template Selection

You can of course create as many Templates as you want. You can even duplicate them if necessary.

Insert your first Module

On the left-hand side you can see the list of available Modules. You can hover over them for preview.

Now use your mouse to drag and drop one of the Modules (1) into the Canvas (2) on the right-hand side.


Save your Template

(1) Click the "Save Changes" button.

Each module has already some demo content inside it so we will have a look at it in the next Step.

Inserting the Template into your Page

We are using shortcodes to insert a Template Builder's Template. You can insert such shortcode into any of your posts or pages. You can either memorize the shortcode or you can use our Shortcode Generator (2)

(1) Start by refreshing to page so the Shortcode Generator gets updated with your newly created Template Builder's Template
(2) Click on the Shortcode Generator icon and select your newly created Template (3) from the Template Builder selection

You can also rearrange the position of the Template Builder's shortcode inside your Page, you can have content above it or below it, you can have more Templates on one page, etc. It is quite flexible so just play around with it.

Save the Page

Before you can see the result of your work, you need to save the Page by clicking the "Save Changes" button (1)

Show me the results!

Switch to your 3rd tab in your web browser (1) which we opened in the first Step of this lesson and refresh the page (2)