Creating Blog

In this lesson we will show you how to create your own Blog section

Before you start

It is important that you create a parent category for all your blog categories. In the above screenshot we have a parent category called "Uncategorized" and several sub-categories under it. Please replicate a similar structure before doing the next steps in this lesson.

Enable Blog and select your main Blog category from the previous step

Open Theme Options panel (1) and select Blog (2) from the left menu. Then make sure the "Show Blog" is checked. Under it there is a selectbox where you need to select the main/parent category you have created in the first step of this lesson.

Create your first Blog Post

Click on the "Add New" button (2) and fill in the Title (3) and Content (4) of your new Blog Post. Then assign it to some category (5) and Publish it (6)

See the Result

Open your website and click on the Blog link (1)

See the Result

As you can see, your first Blog Post has been published, congrats!